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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Top 10 Daily Living Aids

Help make your home and daily activities safer with a few simple products. Here are the top 10 daily living aids that most people find helpful in everyday life.


1. Canes – Canes are an excellent tool for mobility. There is a plethora of designs on the market and some even come with special attachments, such as trays, to provide even more independence to a patient and wrist straps for easy use. Walkers are also excellent options for mobility problems and they also offer a large variety of attachments to make life convenient.

2. Reachers/Grabbers – Reachers are an essential tool for patients to gain access to items in tight or high spaces. Reachers can eliminate dangerous bending or stretching and make access to thing on tall shelves or bookcases easy.

3. Dressing Sticks – Part of everyday life is dressing yourself. This can become a challenge for those who have limited range of motion or problems in their hands like rheumatoid arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome. These uniquely designed sticks allow a patient to extend their range of motion and dress themselves neatly and quickly.

4. Grab Bars – Grab bars are great for ambulation assistance. These bars are easily installed into a wall and can be placed throughout a home or facility to offer extra support in difficult-to-navigate areas. Allowing a patient to grab onto them in the event of lost balance or poor footing, grab bars can prevent dangerous falls and injuries from occurring.

5. Speciality Utensils – Specially designed utensils and dining aids are available for patients with poor griping abilities or need utensils with more weight. Made with a wider stem, utensils are essential for patients to feed themselves and continue with one of the main biology driven functions of the body. Specially designed plates and cups are also available to make eating a simple and enjoyable task.

6. Lifted Tables – Lifted tables are lightweight, portable and convenient. Their legs will fit under a bed, wheelchair feet, or under an ambulatory patient's feet. They are small enough to be tucked away when not in use, but large enough to accommodate computer use, arts and crafts projects, or meals.

7. Book Easels – This handy contraption makes reading and page turning a breeze. Offering a upward tilted position, one can recline in a chair or hand out in bed, both with their above mentioned lifted tables, and read a fantastic book. Some easels may be available with built in lights for better page illumination.

8. Zipper Pulls – Nothing is more frustrating for a patient as when they are getting dressed or putting on a coat and they cannot operate the zipper, due to its small size. Zipper pulls easily attach to the zipper and offer the patient a larger area to grab. They can even be used on jeans and then removed once the patient is fastened in.

9. Bath Benches – Bath benches and shower chairs are excellent tools for bathing safely. Providing a safe and sturdy place to sit while showering, bath benches provide patients with safety and the ability to shower unassisted. These seats also come backless so a patient can utilize their full range of motion in order to retrieve their hygiene supplies.

10. Powder Board Tables – These tables are specially designed with a curved section for both the ambulatory user and wheelchair user to pull right up to the edge of the table. The table can be utilized for a computer work station, game table, letter writing table, a place to read, an eating surface and many, many other uses. This is a stable table that is not easily portable.


For more information on these and other daily living aids we carry, browse our extensive line of products, or call 1-888-687-4334 to speak with a customer service representative today!