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Top 10 Fall Prevention Tips

As a population, we are living longer and maintaining our independence into later stages of life. However, this also means that we are more responsible for our own care especially when confronted with challenges like falling, which can be treacherous or even deadly as age and illness progresses. These top 10 fall prevention tips have been compiled to help develop safe practices for maintaining independence and staying healthy.


The Top 10 Fall Prevention Tips


1. You don't have to go it alone. Ask for help with making the home safer, or for activities that may pose a threat, such as climbing ladders or moving boxes.

2. Be mindful of your environment. A curb, crack in the pavement, stair, or any other slight obstacle can cause you to stumble or fall.

3. Get proper nutrition and rest. Take care of your basic human needs and your functions will follow suit. Becoming tired, weak, or dehydrated can affect strength and balance.

4. Remove clutter. Now is the time to move the furniture so that there are clear pathways, and remove shoes, magazines, books, etc. from the floor and stairways.

5. Clear inadequate flooring. Any loose ends of carpet, loose floorboards, slippery areas like the kitchen and bath should be addressed to prevent slips and falls.

6. Install handrails. One of the most helpful pieces of equipment that can be added easily to the home is a safety grab bar that can be installed on stairways, in the tub, next to the toilet, or any other location that a bit of assistance would be helpful.

7. Pay attention to changes. We as humans are not stagnant beings, our bodies and surroundings change. Be aware of how you feel at any given time, and any areas that may pose a threat.

8. Exercise. Even if it's just a short walk, try to get some exercise every day. Consult your physician for safe exercises that will help keep your body strong and healthy.

9. Proper lighting. Have enough light and easily accessible switches in all areas of the home, especially dark or particularly hazardous areas.

10. Medication interactions. Prescriptions affect everyone differently and can cause inhibited functioning, especially when multiple medications are taken at the same time. Learn about the side effects and how you respond to medications.


It is our hope that these top 10 fall prevention tips help you to lead a safer and healthier life. For more information on how to make your home safer, or fall prevention products that are avialable to you, visit our website at today, or call to speak with a knowledgeable customer service associate at 1-888-687-4334.