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Top 10 Risks of Obesity

According to national research, approximately one-third of the US population alone is categorized as overweight or obese. The top ten risks of obesity include health, finance, and logistic considerations that have a direct effect on the individual and society at large. Bariatric products and specialized services are available for the treatment of obesity and resultant risks.


Below are the top 10 risks of obesity


1) Loss of function - as weight increases, limits become evident and even detrimental including basic movement and hygiene requiring additional assistance for even basic tasks.

2) Depression - the result of obesity includes not only the individual's self image, but also the perception of others resulting in depression that can affect health and behavior.

3) Increased indirect costs - many overweight and obese individuals spend additional money on diets, exercise equipment, and other products to counter or cope with obesity.

4) Increased healthcare costs - obese individuals suffer from a loss of effective functioning that can result in more frequent, severe, and extended healthcare visits.

5) Respiratory problems - due to the increased pressure and decreased internal functioning problems such as asthma and sleep apnea may arise.

6) Type II Diabetes - obesity is a primary cause of the onset of Type II diabetes which boasts an 80% obesity rate among patients.

7) High Blood Pressure - increased internal stress from excessive weight and higher cholesterol levels can lead to significantly increased blood pressure.

8) Gallbladder - as body mass increases to the level of morbid obesity the incidence of gallstones is drastically higher.

9) Cardiovascular disease - nearly 70% of heart disease patients have obesity attributed as a primary cause.

10) Stroke - increased weight and pressure coupled with a decrease in cardiac and pulmonary functioning can lead to stroke.


Understand the top 10 risks of obesity and the significance they can have on health and well being. Browse products online today that can help to reduce these risks and lead to a healthier and more fulfilling life, or call to speak with a friendly representative by phone at 1-888-687-4334.