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Top 10 Warning Signs of Melanoma


One of the most dangerous types of skin cancer is Melanoma which is known to spread rapidly and represents a leading cause of death. We have identified the Top 10 Warning Signs of Melanoma to help increase awareness in the hopes of early identification and treatment. Though these are common symptoms, they may indicate another condition. However, if any of these are identified, please contact your physician immediately.


The Top 10 Warning Signs of Melanoma


1. Any change in a mole, blemish, freckle, birthmark, or pigmented area.

2. A mole or freckle that is new or growing rapidly and appears different than any other moles or freckles you may have.

3. A mole or growth that is asymmetrical, has an ill-defined border, varies in color, has a diameter over 6mm, or changes in shape, size, or color.

4. A change in texture or feel.

5. A new freckle that is dark, dry, or scaly.

6. A pigmented area that is new or that you don't remember seeing.

7. A new spot that is black even if it is very small.

8. A spot or mole that appears or behaves differently than those around it.

9. A mole or spot that is itchy or bleeds.

10. Redness, discoloration, or soreness around a mole, freckle, or spot.


In the last few decades, cases of melanoma have been on the rise and researchers at the Mayo Clinic are pushing for awareness and monitoring. Fair skin, exposure to UV light, moles, immune conditions, and age can lead to an increased risk. Regularly perform self examinations to look for any of the top 10 warning signs of melanoma and contact your physician immediately if any of these conditions are met.