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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Types of ALLEVYN Wound Dressings

ALLEVYN wound dressings are a unique product designed for the care of chronic wounds. These dressings are available in a wide variety of styles that provide superior healing power for wounds. Designed to maintain the integrity of the skin, these wound pads offer great assistance in the treatment of patients with fragile or delicate skin.


ALLEVYN Gentle wound dressings feature a soft gel adhesive. The soft gel adhesive allows for an easy, simple application and a reduced-pain removal. It is also designed to keep the wound dressing in place during the application of secondary retention. ALLEVYN Gentle dressings offer superior fluid and exudate management. Through special Triple-Action Technology, these wounds pads absorb, retain, and transpire providing an optimal balance of fluids. Each ALLEVYN Gentle dressing can be worn up to seven days, which allows for fewer dressing changes and frees up time for clinical staff.

ALLEVYN Gentle Border

ALLEVYN Gentle Border wound dressings offer a silicone gel adhesive for enhanced pain reduction upon removal during dressing changes. These wound pads are also extremely gentle on delicate skin, diminishing pain upon removal and without compromising retention time for patients. These wound dressings also actively promote faster wound healing. They provide an optimal moist healing environment and include the Triple-Action Technology to absorb, retain, and transpire the perfect balance of fluids. Additionally, these ALLEVYN Gentle Border pads feature an elongated retention time, offering up to 7 days of wear, resulting in fewer dressing changes and more time for clinical staff to address other medical matters.

ALLEVYN Gentle Border Lite

ALLEVYN Gentle Border Lite offers many of the same great features of the ALLEVYN Gentle Border pads, but weigh 50% less. These lightweight wound pads heal wounds as effectively as their non-lite counterparts, but enhance the comfort of the patient by allowing for freedom of motion with a less bulky dressing. Designed with a lighter, absorbent foam and gentle silicone adhesive, these pads are great for use on patients with sensitive, fragile skin. They are easy-to-apply, mold to body contours, and include the ALLEVYN Triple-Action Technology.


ALLEVYN Ag Gentle wound dressings are made with a gentle soft gel adhesive and include the superior healing-power of silver sulfadazine. These wound dressings securely adhere to skin and not wounds, while remaining gentle upon the removal of the pad. The infusion of silver sulfadazine enhances the wound healing action. These easy-to-apply wound dressings offer secondary retention and optimized fluid management. Each pad is cost-effective, lasting up to seven days and are removed with minimized pain for patient comfort.


ALLEVYN Ag Gentle Border

ALLEVYN Ag Gentle Border combines the features of the ALLEVYN Gentle Border pads with the healing- power of silver sulfadazine. Designed to minimize pain to the patient and trauma to the wound bed upon removal, these wound dressings are made with a silicone adhesive which keeps the pad securely in place over the wound but allows for gentle removal. Offering optimum fluid management, these dressings create a fantastic healing environment for wounds. These pads are unique, providing a two-in-one solution for the management of exudate in chronic wounds. While these dressings require more frequent changes, they are made to protect skin and wound bed integrity when used on patients with gentle skin.


ALLEVYN dressings are available in a variety of makes and styles. Some dressings are available in specially-designed body contour shapes, providing even better wound coverage and management.


Offer the best in wound care to patients with fragile skin. To purchase great ALLEVYN products, simply place your order online, through our website. Orders can also be placed by calling 1-888-687-4334 and speaking with one of our helpful Medical Supply Specialists.