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Types of Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds can be scary and embarrassing, but are also quite common and generally harmless. Knowing the difference between the two types of nosebleeds can help an individual cope with a minor inconvenience, or provide an indication of an underlying health problem.


Anterior Nosebleeds

Anterior nosebleeds are the most common, accounting for almost 90% of cases. These nosebleeds occur in the front part of the nose, also known as the anterior nares, or nostrils. Most anterior nosebleeds are caused by irritation to the nasal passages. Cool, dry air, such as that found during winter, often dries out the nasal passages and irritates blood vessels within the cavity.  Another way to irritate the nose is by means of foreign objects, as is usually found with children, usually aged 2-10. Anterior nosebleeds can usually be handled at home, only occasionally needing a physician’s assistance.


Posterior Nosebleeds

Posterior nosebleeds are more serious than their anterior counterparts. In a posterior nosebleed, the artery in the back of the nasal cavity ruptures, causing dangerous bleeding which can happen rapidly. Most posterior nosebleeds affect the elderly, but are not necessarily limited to this age group. This type of nosebleed can be very difficult to manage in a home setting. In the event of a posterior nosebleed, one should seek medical care, either at a hospital or physician’s office. Treatment for a posterior nosebleed involves a hospital admission and managed care by an otolaryngologist, also known as an ear, nose, and throat doctor.


Most nosebleeds will not need medical attention and will heal over time. However, the initial presentation of any nosebleed can be a dramatic and frightening event, especially for children. Knowing the two types, and correct steps to manage a nosebleed can help make the decision to either seek medical attention or not.


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