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Types of Residential Living Facilities


There are many types of residential living facilities and the options can be overwhelming. Services and care vary between residential living facilities. Researching options thoroughly is essential to choosing the right type of living situation for loved ones.


Independent Living Facilities

These facilities are generally set up like small apartment complexes. These apartments are small, easy-to-maintain, and are grouped within a community offering transportation and activities. Independent living facilities are designed to accommodate independent seniors, but provide no medical or personal care. However, these settings offer social stimulation and a group living which can alleviate fears of living alone.


Board and Care Homes

Board and care homes, also known as elder care, adult foster care, or residential care, are residences designed to offer minimal assistance. Most facilities provide meals, activities, and help with daily needs including medication reminders, laundry, housekeeping, transportation, and even money management. Board homes do not provide medical or personal care services.


Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities usually offer 24-hour staff providing some personal care, support, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, meals, and activities. Each resident is able to choose which services they accept. Regulations and definitions of assisted living may vary from state to state, and these variations can affect what services are offered.


Continuing Care Communities

Continuing Care Communities offer differing levels of care including independent living, assisted care, or skilled nursing depending on the patient’s needs. As the patient’s needs change, the type of care applied can also change. Continuing care facilities can be costly, usually charging a large payment, or entry-fee, prior to admission plus recurring monthly charges.


Nursing Homes

Nursing homes can also be referred to as skilled nursing facilities and offer a broad range of care needs. Many patients may enter for acute care, but may decide to remain at the facility as a long term resident. Nursing homes offer group dining areas, and feature a skilled therapeutic recreation (activities) department.


  • Acute Care (Rehab):  Patients may need acute care services due to illness, injury, or post-operative recovery. Many patients have the option to leave after their stay, though, referrals may made for more long term options based on a patient’s needs.


  • Long Term Care:  long-term care is designed to support patients that require long, or indefinite stays. Many patients classified as long term care patients will remain at the nursing facility for the remainder of their life. Certain qualifications must be met for Medicare payment.


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