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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

What is MI Paste?

MI Paste is a dental product that strengthens teeth by introducing Calcium and Phosphate to encourage the absorption of vital minerals. These minerals help to protect and rebuild tooth surfaces and enamel creating a healthier and more vibrant smile. MI Paste contains a milk-derived protein, Recaldent, that is safe even for individuals that are lactose intolerant. Recaldent releases those vital minerals into the mouth when needed balancing the oral pH level and aiding in the production of healthy saliva.


How is MI Paste Plus Different?

In addition to the remineralization initiated by the original MI Paste formula, MI Paste Plus contains 900ppm of sodium fluoride that enables increased adherence to teeth which better helps to rebuild and protect enamel.


Who is MI Paste for?

MI Paste and MI Paste Plus are excellent products for anyone interested in enjoying a healthy and vibrant smile. MI Paste is particularly useful in a number of medical and dental related applications, as well including:

  • Combating sensitivity from heat, cold, bleaching, whitening, and cleanings
  • Orthodontics in the prevention and correction of white spots and lesions
  • Relieving dry mouth from medications, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments
  • Counteracting acidity from consumption of alcohol, soft drinks, and treats


How is MI Paste used?

  1. MI Paste and MI Paste Plus can be applied as often as desired and should be distributed onto all tooth surfaces.
  2. Use a small pea sized amount with each application. This can be administered using the finger, a swab, or a dental tray.
  3. Using the applicator or tongue, spread MI Paste onto all surfaces and leave undisturbed for 3-5 minutes.
  4. After MI Paste has had time to work it does not need to be rinsed and can safely be swallowed and allowed to dissolve naturally.

After applying MI Paste it is recommended to avoid food and beverages for 30 minutes to allow the product to work effectively. This health-friendly formula is safe for everyone.


What can I expect from using MI Paste?


MI Paste and MI Paste Plus are specially formulated to:

  • Remineralize for healthier, stronger teeth
  • Create a whiter and more vibrant smile
  • Reduce the risk of cavities
  • Provide soothing comfort to soft oral tissues


Does MI Paste taste bad?

MI Paste, MI Paste Plus come in 5 delicious flavors including Strawberry, Melon, Mint, Tutti-Fruitti, and Vanilla.


Isn't oral care alone good enough?

Despite thorough and regular brushing, flossing, and dental care, teeth tend to lose nutrients and strength over time. Oral health is affected by age, consumption, medications, and various other medical and dental treatments. This affects tooth integrity and saliva production. MI Paste products help to restore this natural, healthy environment and revitalize your smile.

In young Children (up to six years of age), use of MI Paste Plus is contra indicted because it may increase the risk of denal fluorosis. Children aged six years and above can use both standard and MI Paste Plus without an increased risk of dental fluorosis.