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What are Yankauer Suction Tips

Used in oral suctioning applications, Yankauer suction tips are designed to prevent pulmonary aspiration in patients that have difficulty blocking and expelling materials from the respiratory system. The result of pulmonary aspiration can range from minor discomfort to death depending on the severity and type of material, so in many medical applications these tips are used to keep airways clear. Many conditions may affect the ability of the individual to respond effectively to impaired airways.


Yankauer suction tips are designed with a wide mouth and bulbous head to fit safely within the airways without damaging the surrounding area. Attached to a suctioning machine, these tips are used to draw out foreign materials and oropharyngeal secretions to clear airways and prevent aspiration. Used for over 100 years, Yankauer suction tips are the standard in suctioning applications.


Pulmonary aspiration occurs when materials and secretions descend into the individual's bronchial openings. One of the most common causes of pulmonary aspiration is material ""going down the wrong pipe"" as in eating and drinking. The body is designed to block and expel these materials but this ability can be compromised, often in response to health issues. Yankauer suction tips were designed to draw these materials out when patients were otherwise unable to do so.

The use of Yankauer suction tips because of pulmonary impairment is often because of declining health, surgery, weakened immune response, or loss of consciousness. When these conditions occur, material may drain or clog the airways, and with the natural response impaired, cause asphyxiation. The most common natural responses are cough and swallowing which expel and redirect these materials given normal functioning.

Since the development in the early 1900's of Yankauer suction tips, many medical care providers and facilities have utilized these with suctioning machines to maintain healthy respiratory functioning. Applications include events such as coma, intoxication, in conjunction with feeding tubes, and for patients under general anesthesia.

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