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Emergency Eye Wash Station Sign 10 x 14 Adhesive Vinyl


$ 17.50 $ 24.95

Emergency Eye Wash Station Sign is an adhesive vinyl wall sign designed to mark where eye wash stations are located in workplaces.  Since it’s over a foot long, it’s easy to see from afar and the white lettering contrasting the green background makes it easily visible.


  • - Green/white  10”x14”
  • - Contrasting colors to clearly define its purpose    
  • - Large enough to be seen from far away
  • - It’s moisture resistant and made from durable adhesive vinyl

Ideal Uses:

  • - Warehouses
  • - Garages  
  • - Commercial areas  

Instructions for use:

Place the sign next to the eye wash station.


               Manufacturer:  Accuform Signs



                   Product #  1188282



Know exactly where you’re going in a time of need with the Accuform Emergency Eye Wash Station Safety Sign. Dial 1-888-687-4334 to order one today from our friendly customer service reps. 

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