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Acu-Life Pill Crusher & Container


$ 3.85 $ 4.95

Crush any size pill as easily as using a pepper mill with the Acu-Life Pill Crusher & Container. This durable, manual crusher allows for safe and simple pill storage and crushing for easy dosing.


Pill Crusher & Container Features

  1. Easy-to-use screw top
  2. Built-in pill compartments
  3. See through container
  4. Durable plastic construction


  1. 1) Unscrew the crusher cap, place pills in container, replace cap
  2. 2) Rotate crusher cap back and forth until pill is crushed
  3. 3) Remove crusher cap to empty powder
  4. 4) Unscrew bottom to fill container with pills for storage

Perfect for individuals that have difficulty taking pills, the Acu-Life Pill Crusher & Container allows for convenient storage and effective crushing. Use this pill crusher for medications, vitamins, and tablets. This pill crusher is also recommended for veterinary use.

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