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ADC Blood Pressure Unit Connectors


$ 8.50 $ 22.50

ADC Blood Pressure Unit Connectors are designed for quick, easy connection to different blood pressure inflation systems or components. For your convenience, ADC provides a variety of different connectors of different designs and materials that work well with most blood pressure units.


Blood Pressure Unit Connectors Features:

  • 15 models
  • Sold either individually or in a package of 10 depending on the model


Connector Guide:

Order Number Product Details
611-20 Y Connector each
611-20-10 Y Connector 10/pkg
804C Luer Connector for #804 gauge ONLY each
891 Luer Connector Set, Metal (891F & 891M)
891F Luer Connector, Female, Aluminum each
891M Luer Connector, Male, Metal each
920-011 Double Male Connector, Plastic each
920-011-10 Double Male Connector, Plastic 10/pkg
8971-10 Screw Adapter for use with Dynamap 10/pkg
8972-10 Male Luer Slip Connector 10/pkg
8973-10 Female Locking Luer Connector 10/pkg
8974-10 Bayonet Connector for use with HP or Siemens Monitors 10/pkg
8975-10 Neonatal Cuff Connector 10/pkg
891M-10 Luer Connector, Male, Metal 10/pkg
891F-10 Luer Connector, Female, Aluminum 10/pkg


**Price varies depending on item chosen


In a busy heathcare facility, is is good to have extras and accessories on hand for your equipment - just in case. These blood pressure connectors continue in ADC's tradition of quality and innovation. They are easy to snap on and are made to work well with most units.

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