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ADC Blood Pressure Unit Organizers


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ADC Cuff Containers are expertly designed to organize your single or multicuff blood pressure systems. Made of a lightweight gray plexiglass material, the tray can hold 4 BP cuffs or 3 cuffs and a palm aneroid. For your convenience, it can either be placed on a countertop, or mounted on the wall to conserve counter space. The Cuff basket can be wall mounted and has extra room for larger inflation systems.


Stand Features:

  • May be used with any brand sphygmomanometer
  • Wall mounted cuff storage containers
  • Cuff basket is a vinyl coated wire container
  • Formed, smoke gray plexiglass material
  • 4 compartments (to hold 3 cuffs and palm aneroid, or 4 cuffs)
  • Sphyg stand measures 14" long, 31/4" deep
  • Counter top or wall mount
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Price varys depending on item chosen


How would this Blood Pressure Cuff Tray help me and my office?

In a busy office or ER with patients of all ages and ailments constantly coming in and out, it can be hectic at times – especially if your most-used equipment has multiple parts and accessories to it. Blood pressure units are one of the most frequently used instruments in the medical field and need to be easily accessed, especially in a busy situation. To ensure accuracy, blood pressure cuffs come in different sizes and styles per unit, but where can they be easily stored and organized?

The multicuff organizer not only gives you several pockets for your many different cuffs and accessories, but also a way to keep everything easily organized in one location for rapid selection when you need it. The wall mounted Cuff Basket is great for conserving space and storing a bulky blood pressure unit.

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