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ADC Prosphyg 780 & 790 Series Home Blood Pressure Units


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ADC Prosphyg 780/790 Series are each designed for easy self-blood pressure reading. Made with many of the features that ADC uses for their professional blood pressure series, these units are each designed with a D-ring closure for easy self- application and has a carrying case so that you can take it with you. For further user-friendliness, the scope on the 790 Series is attached to the cuff for easy one-handed use.


Prosphyg Series features:

  • Black enamel 300mmHg no-pin stop manometer
  • Latex inflation bladder and bulb
  • Chrome-plated deflation valve
  • Zippered carrying case and operating instructions
  • Latex free


 780 Series Features:

  • Nylon D-ring self-adjusting cuff
  • Diaphragm only blood pressure scope with black PVC tubing


 790 Series Features:

  • Nylon D-ring self-adjusting cuff with attached diaphragm only blood pressure scope
  • Scope features adjustable chrome binaurals and black 22” PVC tubing


Is my doctor's blood pressure reading the most accurate? 

High blood pressure can be early signs of heart disease, but is the reading in the doctor’s office the most accurate? Some people experience spikes in blood pressure in the doctor’s office if they’re stressed of worried about their visit. By keeping track of your blood pressure at home or when you travel you can gauge where you are on a regular basis and find the causes, or monitor which blood pressure medication is working for you. By comparing your findings at home with your doctors readings, you can work together to stay healthy.


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