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Levin Type Stomach Tube


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Argyle Levin Stomach Tubes are a (levin type) nasogastric tube used for gastric suction, irrigation and administering medication. The levin stomach tube is made with a clear, thermosenstive pvc tube that has a smooth, rounded tip made to reduce insertion trauma, and allows for easy identification of fluids. The tube and tip are radiopaque for clear viewing on x-rays, the open distal end has 4 staggered eyes for smooth suction and less tube clogging, and it features markings at various lengths so that you can properly place the tube inside your patient and track the tubes migration as it is inserted/removed.



Argyle Levin Stomach Tubes Features:

  1. Nasogastric tube for gastric suction, irrigation and administering medication
  2. Vinyl material
  3. Open distal end with 4 side holes
  4. Smooth, rounded tip
  5. Markings at 20” from distal tip with three additional marks at 4” intervals
  6. Non-Sterile
  7. 48” long
  8. Available in 3 sizes
  9. Sold by the case



What is a Levin Tube?

A Levin tube is very simple in design and one of the most common NG tubes used in the healthcare world. It is a type of nasogastric tubing that is made up of a single tube (called a lumen). Some other stomach tubes are dual lumen tubes, like Salem Sump tubes – one is used for drainage, while the other smaller lumen is open to the atmosphere. This allows for continuous suction capabilities. The Levin NG tube is also used for suction, but not as continuous as the Sump tubes.


Order Argyle Levin Stomach Tubes in 14Fr, 16Fr, and 18Fr sizes online today at a great low price, or call for more assistance at 1-888-687-4334.

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