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Armas Tranexamic Acid (TXA) for Injection 1,000 mg/10 mL Single-Dose Vial 10 mL x 10/Box

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Armas Pharmaceuticals Tranexamic Acid (TXA) for Injection 1,000 mg/10 mL Injection Single-Dose Vial 10 mL. An injectable form of tranexamic acid is available which is used to improve the surgical outcome in patients with heavy blood loss. Tranexamic acid is a weak fibrinolytic agent that competitively inhibits plasminogen activation, and thereby diminishes the degradation of fibrinogen, plasminogen, and fibrin.

How Tranexamic acid for Injection Works

Tranexamic acid for Injection 1,000 mg/10 mL is an injectable form of the medication, also known as TXA. It works to reduce bleeding by blocking the activity of certain enzymes in the body that normally break down fibrin. Fibrin is an important component of blood clots. By stopping the breakdown of fibrin, TXA allows clots to form and remain in place for longer, thus reducing bleeding. It is commonly used in cases of trauma, surgery, epilepsy, menorrhagia, and internal bleeding. One vial typically contains enough medication for a single injection.

Benefits of Tranexamic acid for Injection

  • Reduce the need for blood transfusions in patients with post-operative bleeding, including those undergoing orthopedic, spinal, and craniotomy procedures
  • Decreases the amount of blood lost during surgery, leading to faster recovery times
  • Reduces the risk of complications related to blood loss such as infection and shock
  • Lowers the hospital bills by decreasing the use of blood products
  • Minimize recovery time and improve patient outcomes
  • Offers a feasible treatment option for patients with preexisting disease/injury or at risk of heavy blood loss who may not be able to receive blood transfusions
  • Promotes more blood to remain in an area that has been injured, thus preventing further damage and reduce swelling
  • Can help to reduce the need for additional surgery due to hemorrhage
  • Remain active in a patient's body for a longer period of time, typically 24 hours
  • Minimizes or eliminates red photoallergenicity

Tranexamic Acid (TXA) for Injection is a prescription medication used to reduce or prevent excessive bleeding during certain medical procedures, including tooth extraction, urinary tract surgery, and a biopsy interfering with the clotting process. It is also used to reduce blood loss and the need for blood transfusion during and after total hip replacement surgery in patients at risk of bleeding. Tranexamic Acid Injection works by reducing the breakdown of blood clots, which helps reduce or prevent excessive bleeding. TXA for Injection should only be administered under the direction and supervision of a qualified healthcare professional. Patients should not receive Tranexamic Acid Injection if they have a history of clotting disorder, or if they have had a stroke, mini-stroke, heart attack, or any similar event. Tranexamic Acid Injection has been known to cause side effects such as chest pain, headaches, dizziness, and nausea. Patients should talk to their healthcare professional before starting Tranexamic Acid Injection. In conclusion, Tranexamic Acid Injection is an important medication used to reduce or prevent excessive bleeding and blood loss during and after certain medical procedures and is only to be used under the direction of a qualified healthcare professional.Medical Equipment.

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