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Baxter Sterile Trach Care Kit


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Baxter Sterile Trach Care Kit is designed to provide you with the tools you need for quality, patient-friendly respiratory care. This sterile trach cleaning kit includes trach dressings, twill tape, a trach brush, gauze sponges, soft applicators, pipe cleaners, vinyl gloves and a water-resistant towel – everything you need to keep the stoma and trach equipment clean and infection-free.

Sterile Trach Kit Includes:

  • Trach gauze dressing
  • 34” Twill tape
  • Trach brush
  • Four gauze sponges, 4” x 4”
  • 2 cotton-tipped applicators
  • 2 pipe cleaners
  • 1 pair vinyl gloves
  • 1 water-resistant towel

Why should I consider a sterile trach care kit?

When caring for an open wound like the stoma, which is kept open for breathing purposes, it is generally a good idea to use sterile products. Products that are sterile are contaminate free and best when caring for open wounds to prevent infection. Also, sterile gauze is known for its ability to wick away wound drainage and effectively cover and protect the wound from environmental contaminants. Tracheostomy care should be meticulous and performed regularly to prevent infection, as well as preventing fluids from the wound and debris that commonly collects along the trach equipment from being aspirated into the lungs. With the baxter tracheostomy care kit you can be sure that your equipment is sterile for your safety, and will provide everything you need at your fingertips for effective trach patient care both in the hospital and at home.

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