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Blind Mans Walking Cane 50 Inch long


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The Blind Man's Walking Cane is a useful mobility tool for the visually impaired. Not only does it aid in depth perception for the user, but also helps others better identify the user in heavily trafficked areas. 50" in length, this cane features an easily-gripped rubber handle and a wrist strap for secure use, and it can be broken down for simple portability.


Blind Man's Walking Cane 50 inches Long Features:

  • Rubber handle
  • Wrist strap
  • Made of lightweight aluminum
  • 50" in length
  • Red stripe at bottom


Brand:  Essential
Item Number:  RDC38604302


Also known as The White Cane, this tool allows a person to be easily identified while walking down the sidewalk or in the street. The blind man’s cane also acts as a measurement of ground transitions in order to help the user avoid obstacles.

The Blind Man's Walking Cane also boasts a bright red stripe at the bottom, denoting it for use by a visually impaired person and not a person with complete blindness. The red stripe provides depth perception, providing the visually impaired user with the enhanced ability to safely navigate stairs and curbs.

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