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Calasoothe Ointment 4 oz Tube


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Calasoothe Ointment is a moisture barrier ointment that helps heal irritated skin caused from incontinence. Calasoothe repels urine and bacteria in fecal fluids (called incontinence) away from the skin. Calasoothe ointment (or cream) forms a white barrier from bacteria and excess moisture around the buttocks, genitals, and the area around the rectum (perineum area). These areas are receptive to quickly form redness, irritation, skin breakdown and yeast infections.


As you age, your bowels start to weaken and you may require products like bladder control pads, protective underwear or diapers depending on the type of incontinence you have. These products are great for absorbing urine and feces, but not so great for your skin. Products like diapers collect the urine and moisture, but they hold moisture against your skin. Once a person is incontinent, having optimal skin integrity is a challenge. With new clinic studies and years of medical research ointments like Calasoothe, Calazime and Calmoseptine have developed to help fight the ongoing skin incontinence battle.


If irritated skin from incontinence is not treated properly wound care problems can quickly form. Wounds like pressure sores can quickly emerge and are extremely painful and sometimes take years to reverse. So please, if you take anything from this article, use a skin protectant or barrier on the skin at all times and keep the skin dry from moisture.


Brand: Dynarex

MPN: 1275 Calasoothe

UPC: 616784127514


Effectively protect the skin from caustic incontinence debris. Purchase Calasoothe Ointment 4 oz Tube for a low price by placing an order online, through our website. Orders can also be placed by calling 1-888-687-4334 and speaking with one of our helpful Medical Supply Specialists.

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