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Nasopharyngeal Collection Swab Calcium Alginate Tipped Swabsticks with Aluminum Shaft, 50/Box

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Nasopharyngeal collection swab calcium alginate tipped swabsticks with aluminum shaft are medical sampling tools used to collect samples from the back of the nasal cavity (nasopharynx) for various diagnostic tests, such as for respiratory infections or allergies. They are typically made of a flexible aluminum shaft with a soft, non-toxic calcium alginate tip at one end. The calcium alginate tip is designed to gently and efficiently absorb and release the specimen, while the flexible shaft allows for easy insertion and maneuvering. These swabs are commonly used in healthcare settings to collect samples for laboratory testing.

Calcium Alginate Tipped Swabsticks (nasopharyngeal applicator) with aluminum shaft used for specimen collection for testing and screening. Ideal for small cavities and wound care applications.

  • Sterile Individually wrapped calcium alginate swabs
  • Stick size: 5.5 inch (14 cm)
  • Miniature biodegradable (calcium alginate) fiber tip
  • Made in USA
  • Handle: Aluminum

Calcium alginate tipped swabsticks are medical devices that consist of a swab with a cotton or synthetic tip that is impregnated with calcium alginate. Calcium alginate is a natural polysaccharide derived from algae that forms a gel-like substance when it comes into contact with bodily fluids, such as wound exudate. These swabsticks are commonly used for wound care, especially in the management of highly exuding wounds, as the calcium alginate helps to absorb excess fluid from the wound and promote healing. They may also be used for other medical procedures that require a sterile swab to collect samples or apply medication.

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