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Castiva Warming Arthritis Relief Lotion, 4 oz


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Feeling better leads to moving better! Help those achy muscles and joints feel better by using the Castiva Warming Arthritis Relief Lotion, which provides immediate soothing warming sensations and is deeply penetrating to provide fast-acting relief from minor aches and pains. This lotion features a unique formula that harnesses the powerful relief of capsaicin combined with Castiva’s natural castor base, which helps the capsaicin cream be absorbed by the skin and delivered deep down into the muscles more efficiently than other comparable products.


  1. Effective pain relief lotion
  2. Provides a soothing warming sensation
  3. Deeply penetrating
  4. Fast-acting
  5. Odorless
  6. Made with a natural Castor Oil base
  7. Contains capsaicin
  8. Available in a 4 oz bottle


  1. Uses the doctor recommended ingredient of capsaicin
  2. An approved ease-of-use product from the Arthritis Foundation
  3. Is easily absorbed by the skin and penetrates deep down into the muscles and joints
  4. Provides a soothing and relaxing warming sensation

Ideal Uses:

  1. For the temporary relief of minor aches and pains in the muscles and joints, like those that are typically associated with arthritis, simple backache, sprains and minor strains

Manufacturer: Humco Holding Group, Inc.

Tired of suffering through arthritis aches and pains and trying every kind of product available? Move better and feel better with the deeply penetrating warmth of Castiva Warming Arthritis Relief Lotion. Take advantage of special low pricing and place an order online today, or call to speak with a friendly service associate at 1-888-687-4334.

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