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Clave Connector C1000, Needleless with Luer Lock, Sterile


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C1000 CLAVE Needleless Connector by Medical Technology Resources (via ICU Medical) is the number one connector sold worldwide. CLAVE features a dynamic seal and dedicated internal fluid path that never allows the outside luer of the syringe to come into contact with the fluid path. Each connector is easy to use, latex free and eliminates the risk of needle stick injuries.

With infection prevention being the top priority of any healthcare facility, what better way to prevent potential needle stick injuries than to use a connector that allows for needle-free intravenous connection? CLAVE connectors help prevent cross contamination not only among healthcare professionals, but also the closed system protects the patient’s catheter form contamination that can lead to patient infections, as well. They are cost-effective in that they reduce the cost associated with potential infections and flushing central lines, and latex free to prevent latex reactions in either you or your patient. 

Applications: Needle-free intravenous connection device


  • Eliminates the risk of needle stick injuries
  • Helps prevent infection and cross-contamination
  • Reduced costs associated with flushing central lines
  • Microbiologically closed system to protect patient’s catheter from contamination that can lead to blood stream infections

CLAVE Connector Features:

  • Outside luer of syringe never in contact with fluid path
  • Dynamic seal between tip of syringe and split-septum close the fluid path
  • Dedicated internal fluid path
  • Silicone seal
  • Latex free

Technical Specifications:

  • Flow Rate: 185mL/min
  • Deadspace:  0.06mL
  • Backpressure:  75psig +
  • Functional Activations: 600

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Clave Connector C1000, Needleless with Luer Lock, Sterile

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