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Abdominal Combine Pads, Sterile

by Dynarex
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Abdominal combine pads, sterile, are large, absorbent wound dressings that are used to cover and absorb fluids from abdominal wounds. They typically come in a square or rectangular shape and are made of multiple layers of gauze or non-woven material, with a soft top layer for comfort and a waterproof backing to prevent leakage. They are designed to be placed directly on the wound and held in place with medical tape or a bandage. The sterile packaging ensures that they are free from bacteria and safe to use on open wounds. These pads are commonly used in first aid kits and in hospitals for wound care purposes.

Sterile Abdominal Combine Pads are a sterile, absorbent pad that is used to cover and protect the surgical site. The pad is placed over the surgical site to absorb blood and other fluids. The pad is also used to keep the surgical site clean and free of contaminants.
Dynarex Combine Abdominal Pads are made to absorb moderate to heavy wound fluid or heavy bleeding during surgery. Abdominal Pads are available in three sizes, 5" x 9", 8" x 7.5" and 8" x 10". They are made with a non-woven highly absorbent cotton that doesn't lint and are Individually sterile wrapped.

Sterile Abdominal Pads are designed to absorb fluid and protect the skin. They are made of a soft, absorbent material and have a moisture-proof backing. The pads are sterile and can be used for a variety of applications, including surgery, childbirth, and first aid.

Brand: Dynarex Corporation
Product numbers: 3501, 3502, 3503

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