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Convatec Carboflex Odor Control Wound Care Dressing 4 x 4


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Carboflex Odor Control Dressing is a sterile, non-adhesive dressing with an absorbent wound-contact layer (containing alginate and hydrocolloid), an activated charcoal central pad and a smoothe, water-resistant top layer.


Size: 4 x 4

Convatec number 403202


Carboflex Odor Control Dressing Indications

- Used to manage Acute and Chronic Wounds

- Primary dressing for shallow wounds

- Secondary dressing over wound fillers for deeper wounds

- Used on infected malodorous wounds (Under medical supervision)


Not for use with patients sensitive to the dressing or its components


Debride the wound and remove necrotic tissue. Cleanse the wound site and dry the surrounding skin. Choose a dressing larger than the wound area by at least 3cm. Place the dressing directly over shallow wounds. For deep wounds, lay Carboflex over wound filler or gel as a secondary dressing.


Change the dressing when exudate reaches the top layer, or when odor is no longer being absorbed. With non-infected/malodorous wounds, dressing may be left for up to 3 days. Carefully remove the dressing from the corner.

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