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Skin Staple Removal Kits, Sterile 12 Trays/Box


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Covidien Curity 66700 Skin Staple Removal Kit is an all inclusive, one-time use package for nurses and doctors. The kit is customized to fit the needs of medical professionals and remains sterile until the package is opened.

Skin staples or clips may be used instead of standard sutures to close lacteriations or surgical wounds. When properly placed, staples and clips distribute tension evenly along the suture line with minimal tissue scarring. Usually, doctors remove skin staples and clips, but some facilities permit qualified nurses tom perform this procedure.



  • Sterile
  • 3x3” gauze
  • Disposable staple remover


  • Improves inventory control for the institution   
  • Maximizes the efficiency of your operation
  • Items are disposable to prevent unneeded waste

Ideal Uses:

  • Removing staples
  • Removing sutures

Instructions for use:

Remove components, complete the procedure, and dispose of immediately.        

Experience the convenience of Covidien Curity Suture and Staple Removal Kit. To purchase the all in one kit, dial 1-888-687-4334 to speak to a friendly sales professional today.

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Skin Staple Removal Kits, Sterile 12 Trays/Box

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