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Dermacea Abdominal Pads, Non Woven Fluff Gauze, Sterile, Individually Wrapped

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Dermacea Abdominal Pads, Non Woven Fluff Gauze, Sterile are absorbent sterile dressings used for managing wound drainage and protecting wounds, particularly in the abdominal area. They are made of non-woven material filled with soft and fluffy material made of cotton or rayon. These pads are sterile and have a moisture-proof barrier layer to prevent contamination. They are commonly used in medical settings but can also be used at home for wound care.

Dermacea Abdominal Pads Non Woven Fluff Gauze are large, absorbent pads that are used to cover and protect abdominal wounds or incisions. They are typically made of multiple layers, with a soft non-woven outer layer and an inner layer of fluff or cotton fibers, designed to quickly absorb and trap any drainage or exudate from the wound. These pads are sterile and can be used to cover clean, surgical incisions as well as larger, more complex wounds.

To use Dermacea Abdominal Pads Non Woven Fluff Gauze, following these steps:

1. Begin by washing your hands and putting on gloves to maintain sterile technique.
2. Clean the wound or incision according to your healthcare provider's instructions.
3. Carefully remove a sterile abdominal pad from its packaging and place it over the wound or incision, making sure to cover the entire area.
4. Gently apply pressure to ensure the pad is secure and wrap with a stretch bandage or secure with medical tape if needed.
5. Check the pad periodically to see if it needs to be changed, especially if it becomes saturated with drainage.
6. When changing the pad, remove the old pad and discard it properly according to healthcare guidelines.
7. Cleanse and dry the wound or incision area again before applying a new pad.
8. Replace the abdominal pad as needed, following your healthcare provider's instructions.

It is important to change the abdominal pad regularly to prevent bacterial growth and promote the healing process. If any redness, swelling, or signs of infection develop, consult your healthcare provider immediately.

  • All four edges are sealed to prevent lint residue and leaking
  • Soft non-woven top sheet layer maximizes patient comfort
  • Fluff filled for maximum absorbency
  • TAA Compliant

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