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Donjoy Wrist Wrap

DJO 11-0386-2-06060

$ 37.50 $ 49.99

Donjoy Wrist Wraps provide your wrist with the limited range of motion and support that a splint would, while giving your hand more freedom of movement. It is made with a durable outer shell that is adjustable, neoprene inner lining, and foam inserts for support.


Indication of Use:

  1. Limit Range of Motion
  2. Support Wrist 


Product Features:

  1. Comfortable
  2. Neoprene Inner Lining
  3. Foam Inserts
  4. Woven Nylon Outer Shell
  5. Straps Limit Rotation
  6. Left/Right Versions


The Donjoy Wrist Wrap supports the wrist during athletic or work-related activities to help prevent and treat injuries. It is great while playing football, gymnastics and even diving, as well as during occupations where repetitive stress is placed on the hand or wrist. In addition, this wrist brace is comfortable, and easily adjustable to your level of need.


This wrist wrap has a breathable Neoprene inner lining with a woven Nylon outer shell. Available in both left and right versions, this brace can be worn by both men and women. For optimal support and a durable brace, choose the Wrist Wrap by Donjoy.

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