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Dr. Scholl’s Clear Away Plantar Wart Remover Medicated Discs & Pads


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Quickly and gently remove painful planters warts with Dr. Scholl’s Clear Away Plantar Wart Remover. Clear Away pads helps get rid of plantar warts on the feet by using a disk that is medicated with maximum strength salicylic acid combined with a cushioning pad that helps alleviate pain and prevent the warts from spreading further. These medicated discs provide fast and effective removal by softening the wart and killing the infected tissue, which causes the wart to effortlessly fall off on its own while the pads cushion the feet and enhance comfort.


  1. Helps remove plantar warts
  2. Odorless
  3. Maximum strength
  4. Contains salicylic acid
  5. Includes 24 medicated discs, 24 cushioning pads per box


  1. Clinically proven effective for the removal of plantar warts from the feet
  2. Includes cushioning pads to help relieve the pain
  3. Helps keep the warts from spreading
  4. Provides discrete coverage while the healing process takes place
  5. Stays on all throughout the day without the need for reapplication
  6. Features an innovative disc design for a simple and mess-free application and treatment process

How does it work?

This wart remover is medicated with salicylic acid, which softens the wart and kills the wart tissue, which causes the wart to loosen and fall off. Using the cushioning pads help alleviate pain and keeps the warts concealed, which also helps prevent the warts from spreading.

When looking for a quick, easy, and effective method for removing plantar warts from the comfort of your own home, choose the Dr. Scholls Clear Away Plantar Wart Remover, which is clinically proven effective for removing plantar warts from the feet. Order yours today for a great low price by shopping our conveniently easy to use website. Should you have any other questions, or prefer to order by phone, feel free to call us at 1-888-687-4334 and speak with one of our friendly Medical Supply Specialists.



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