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Dycem Rectangular Table Mats

FE 50-1590-BLK

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Various sized Rectangular Dycem Table Mats are excellent for home, healthcare, and leisure applications to anchor items and even provide a stable surface for coordination and spatial awareness activities. Rectangle shaped pads are available in 3 different pre-measured sizes.



  1. 10" x 7.25", 10" x 14", 15" x 18"
  2. Provide extra stability
  3. Great for cups, plates, tools, phones, etc
  4. Yellow, Red, Blue, Forest/Metallic Green, Black
  5. Anchors most dry surfaces
  6. Home or facility use


Place Rectangular Dycem Table Mats on nearly any dry surface to stabilize plates, cups, and utensils. Protective matting ads a non-skid covering as well as protection for the surfaces underneath and can accommodate any number of home or facility applications.


Brand: Fabrication Enterprises Incorporated


  1. 50-1590 10" x 7.25"
  2. 50-1591 10" x 14"   
  3. 50-1592 15" x 18"


Order Rectangular Dycem Table Mats online today at the lowest allowable price or call to speak with a courteous service associate at 1-888-687-4334.

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