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Enteral Feeding Syringe, Irrigation Syringe 60cc (Case/30)


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The Pro Advantage Enteral Irrigation Syringe is a 60cc plastic syringe ideal for irrigating feeding tubes, adding medication and manually dispensing liquid formula. Made with a clear 60cc barrel with graduations in ounces and cc's. Precision crafted rubber O-ring ensures a positive seal every time the syringe is drawn. Comes with small tip adapter and tip protector. Available with thumb ring or flat top.

    • 60cc capacity
    • Precision crafted inner rubber o-ring
    • Thumb Control Ring with small tip adapter
    • Packed in a resealable IV Pole Bag
    • Latex free
    • Non-toxic
    • 30 per case

      Helpful information

      Can enteral feeding syringes be used to feed a patient orally?

      Sometimes feeding syringes are used to slowly feed a patient orally by filling the syringe and slowly injecting the nutritional formula into the side of the patient’s mouth.

      Can the feeding syringes be re-used?

      Yes, the syringes is packed in a resealable poly bag that can be hung from an IV pole for later use.

      Do enteral feeding syringes have a needle?

      No, there is not a needle. The tapered syringe tip has a small plastic tip that is smooth and will not harm the patient.

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      The two cases of feeding tube syringes arrived in good condition, thank you. I was unable to find them locally and was grateful we could obtain them so easily through your company.

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