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ER Laceration Tray (20/Case)

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The Busse Hospital Disposables #748 ER Laceration Tray is a superior choice in provision of basic emergency products dedicated to when treating casual to minor to moderate ER lacerations in the hospital setting. This tray includes streamlined necessary supplies for clinicians, such as irrigating solution flask, exam gloves, drape towels, forceps, sterile gauze, scissors, pitchers,iodine pads and topical antibiotic ointment along with regional block papers. Medical personnel are able to increase response time treatment abilities allowing for safe and cost efficient doctor visits spending more time directly delivering equal access medical solutions inside the lacerations treatments room and its atmosphere setting.

Contents of Kit:
One 5″ Premium Grade single  use, SUTURE-GLIDE ™ Webster   (smooth) needle holder with Large   Loops
One 4-1/2″ floor-grade, straight   Iris scissors
One 5″ curved, floor-grade,   Mosquito hemostat
One 1×2 floor-grade, Adson tissue   forceps
One Saf-Shield™ Irrigation Splash   Guard
Two 2 oz. medicine cups
One 10mL Luer lock syringe
One 25g x 5/8″ needle
One 27g x 1-1/2″ needle
One 18g x 1-1/2″ needle
Five 2″ x 2″ gauze sponges
Ten 4″ x 4″ gauze sponges
One polylined, fenestrated drape
Two absorbent towels
One CSR wrap
One set of 10 Universal Medication   Labels

Manufacturer #748
Manufacturer: Busse Hospital Disposables

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