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Essential Molded Deluxe Sock Aid


$ 12.00 $ 19.99

The Molded Deluxe Sock Aid help you pull up your socks and stocking if you have trouble bend down to reach them. Sock aids are widly used by seniors or individuals how have had surgical procedures done. The Essential Molded Socking Aid comes complete with a contoured piece for easier application, this product is also equipped with convenient garter clips, so that you can use it to help you put on your pantyhose or compression stockings, as well.


Why would I need a sock aid?

Sometimes daily living activities that were once effortless can all of a sudden become a chore. If you have arthritis, a recent injury to the back, have had a hip replacement, or any other condition that might limit your range of motion, you might want to consider a Sock Aid.

It is easy to use, can be kept right in your sock drawer where you can find it when you need it, and it can easily travel with you. This particular sock aid comes with the added capacity to help you with pantyhose and compression stockings. Make everyday simple things easy again.


  • Molded design for easier application
  • 48” straps with handles
  • Garter clips for standard and compression stockings

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