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Gel-Flow NT Absorbable Gelatin Powder Syringe Hemostatic Matrix for Flowable Applications (6 mL)


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The Pfizer Gel-Flow NT device consists of 550mg of Gel-Foam® Sterile Powder (absorbable gelatin powder from absorbable gelatin sponge, USP), a syringe delivery system and two applicator tips for delivery of the flowable mixture to deep and narrow administration sites.The components of the Gel-Flow NT sterile flowable delivery system are provided in an inner sterile pouch. Gel-Flow NTis a medical device intended for application to bleeding surfaces as a hemostatic. It is a water-insoluble, off-white, nonelastic, porous, pliable product prepared from purified porcine. Skin Gelatin USP Granules and Water for Injection, USP
and is able to absorb and hold within its interstices, up to 45times its weight of whole blood4and other fluids. The Gel-Foam Sterile Powder used in Gel-Flow NT is a fine, dry, gamma sterilized light powder prepared by milling absorbable gelatin sponge.


Gel-Flow NT has hemostatic properties. While its mode of action is not fully understood,its effect appears to be more physical than the result of altering the blood
clotting mechanism. When not used in excessive amounts, Gel-Flow NT is absorbed completely, with little tissue reaction. This absorption is dependent on several factors, including the amount used, degree of saturation with blood or other fluids, and the site of use.
When placed in soft tissues, Gel Flow NT is usually absorbed completely in four tosix weeks, without inducing excessive scar tissue. When applied to bleeding nasal,rectal or vaginal mucosa, it liquefies within two to five days.
Hemostasis: GEL-FLOW NTis indicated in surgical procedures, including those involving cancellous bone bleeding, as a hemostatic device, when control of capillary, venous, and arteriolar bleeding by
 pressure, ligature, and other conventional procedures is either ineffective or impractical. Although not necessary, GEL-FLOW NT can be used either with or without thrombin to obtain hemostasis.
Gel-Flow NT must be saturated with sterile, isotonic sodium chloride solution (sterile saline) or a sterile solution of thrombin*, before use as an adjunct to hemostasis.Gel-Flow NT
is provided as 550mgGelfoam Sterile Powder pre-packaged in a 10 mL syringe for hydration.*Prepare thrombin solution per instructions in product prescribing information.

Brand: Pfizer Prime Injectables

Size: 6 mL

NDC: 0000-92250-01

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