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Gvoke HydoPen Glucagon Injection 1 mg Per 0.2 mL Autoinjector

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Gvoke™ HydoPen Glucagon Injection 1 mg Per 0.2 mL is a portable, ready-to-use device used for the emergency treatment of severe hypoglycemia in individuals with diabetes. It's an injection you can carry anywhere. Gvoke Hydropen is intended for use after other forms of glucagon have failed or when oral carbohydrates are not available. Gvoke Hydropen is fast-acting and easy to use – so you can be prepared in case of a hypoglycemic emergency. Gvoke Hydropen can help ensure you stay healthy and active!

Gvoke HydoPen Glucagon Injection 1 mg Per 0.2 ml is used to immediately treat severe hypoglycemia in a dangerous, emergency clinical situation. Gvoke Hydropen is provided without dilution in a capped pen device containing a single-use dial-a-dose disposable pre-filled syringe 0.2 ml, for accurate dosage. With the goal of restoring normal glucose levels, administering Gvoke Hydropen can be the fastest and easiest way to treat severe hypoglycemia.

Gvoke HypoPen®(pronounced G-voke) (glucagon injection) is the first FDA-Approved autoinjector for very low blood sugar that is premixed and ready-to-use. It is a prescription medicine used to treat very low blood sugar (severe hypoglycemia) in adults and children ages 2 years and above with diabetes. It is available in both pediatric (0.5mg/0.1mL) and adult (1.0mg/0.2mL) doses.1

Gvoke reduces the steps to prepare and administer glucagon in the event of severe hypoglycemia (i.e., dangerously low blood sugar levels). This innovation is designed to provide the reliability of a ready-to-use liquid glucagon while making it easier for patients or caregivers to administer quickly and simply. Studies demonstrated 100% treatment success* in children and 99% treatment success in adults. Usability research evaluating the Gvoke PFS and Gvoke HypoPen demonstrated 99% success rates in administering a full dose of glucagon using the simple two-step administration process.2,3

Severe hypoglycemia occurs when your blood sugar gets so low that you need help bringing it back up. Sometimes people with very low blood sugar may have a hard time thinking straight or controlling their body, get very tired, refuse to eat, pass out, or even have a seizure. It is an emergency situation that must be treated immediately.

Strength: 1 mg Per 0.2 mL
Count: 1 Single Dose

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