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Hemoccult Sensa 100 Single Slide Test Cards, 2-Developers & 100 Applicators

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The Hemoccult Sensa FOBT kit is a simple, at-home test that uses a small amount of stool to detect blood. The test is easy to use; the stool is placed on a special card and then inserted into the reader. The reader will indicate whether or not blood was detected, and will provide a percentage of accuracy. The Hemoccult Sensa FOBT kit is a reliable and accurate way to detect blood in the stool, and can be used to help diagnose conditions such as colorectal cancer.
Beckman Coulter Hemoccult Sensa is a rapid, highly reliable fecal occult testing system. Hemoccult Sensa slides detect abnormal occult bleeding, early detection of pre-cancerous adenomas and colorectal cancers. Perfect for routine in-office screenings, each kit comes with 100 test cards, 100 applicator sticks, 2 bottles of developer (15 mL), and instructions for use.
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  • High clinical sensitivity readings (92%)
  • Fast acting
  • 14-day on-slide stability
  • Convenient
  • CLIA waived
Kit Includes:
  • 100 Slides (test cards)
  • 100 Applicators
  • 2 Bottles of Developer, 15 mL
  • Instructions for use
Detects abnormal occult bleeding associated with gastrointestinal disorders.
Single slides - for routine in-office gastrointestinal screening.

  • Proven to give the highest clinical sensitivity readings (eg. 92% for colorectal cancer).
  • More reliable than standard fecal occult blood tests (FOBTs).
  • Enhancer makes the test more sensitive and more readable than standard FOBTs and Hemoccult systems.

What makes this occult blood detection system unique? It's 92% effectiveness. This FOBT (fecal occult blood test) has been proven to produce the highest clinical sensitivity readings of standard FOBT tests. It is not only more reliable, but also easier to read with the more intense bright blue developer reaction which reduces the risk of error. Hemoccult Sensa is easy to use, produces results quickly and accurately, and ensures superior readability coupled with enhanced blood recognition for early gastrointestinal disorder detection.

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