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Sterile Empty Vial 10mL Glass with Flip-Top Caps 25/Box

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A sterile empty glass vial 10 mL with a flip-top cap is a small, transparent container made of glass that is designed to hold liquids or powders for medical or laboratory use. It has a capacity of 10 milliliters and is completely free from microorganisms and other contaminants, making it suitable for sterile applications. The flip-top cap allows for convenient and easy access to the contents of the vial while also providing a secure seal against leaks and contamination. This type of vial is commonly used for storing and transporting medications, vaccines, and other sterile substances.

One of the main benefits of the Sterile Empty Vials 10mL is their ability to maintain the sterility of the contents. The flip-top cap provides a tight seal, preventing any contamination or leakage during transportation and storage. This ensures that the medications or research compounds remain safe and effective, reducing the risk of compromised results in research and keeping patients protected from potential infections. Furthermore, the use of glass material in the vials makes them highly durable and resistant to damage, providing long-term storage capabilities.
In the pharmaceutical industry, precision and accuracy are crucial factors, and the use of Pfizer Sterile Empty Vials 10mL helps maintain these standards. These vials are designed with accurate measurement markings, allowing for precise dispensing of the contents. This is particularly beneficial for healthcare professionals who rely on accurate dosage measurements when administering medications to patients. The keyword Sterile Empty Vials 10mL is significant here, as it highlights the specialized nature of these vials and their importance in maintaining the purity of pharmaceutical compounds.
Pfizer Sterile Empty Vials 10mL Glass with Flip-Top Caps is a highly valuable packaging solution for sterile applications in the healthcare and research industry. The emphasis on the keyword Sterile Empty Vials 10mL throughout this paragraph reflects the essential features of these vials, including their ability to preserve sterility, maintain precision and accuracy, and provide durability. As the demand for sterile packaging solutions continues to rise, these vials are expected to remain a necessary component in the healthcare and research sectors.

Pfizer Empty Sterile Vial 10 mL is a made of a clear certified depyrogenated and sterile vials. These sterile vials are Type 1 borosilicate assembled with butyl stoppers and colored aluminum seals. Neck size is 20mm. Sterilization is performed in an FDA inspected facility, operating to cGMP compliance. All sterilization processes are carried out under strict Class 100 U.S. Pharmacopoeia and Federal Code of Regulations methodologies. Great for analytical laboratories, compounding pharmacies, veterinarians, and hospitals.

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(2-Pack) Hospira Empty Sterile Vial 10 mL


(2-Pack) Hospira Empty Sterile Vial 10 mL

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Bacteriostatic water

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(2-Pack) Hospira Empty Sterile Vial 10 mL

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