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ICU Medical IV Bag Access Spike Clave 50/Case

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The ICU Medical Bag Access Spike Clave is designed for the purpose of easy and direct access to IV tubing for ICU (Intensive Care Unit) patients. It provides an easy solution to help nurses and clinicians access any size or style of IV spike connections with speed and accuracy while providing secure closure when not in use. With its simple setup and use, the ICU Medical Bag Access Spike Clave ensures sanitation while maintaining sterility for crucial IV therapies. Not only does it help reduce contamination, it also maximizes safety and saves valuable time, making it the perfect choice for ICU treatment and administration of IV fluid therapies. The ICU Medical Bag Access Spike Clave has the ability to hold standard and pressurized bags; it is easy to install, remove and secure when not in use. By simply pressing the arm to open the latch, users can access the IV spike connection quickly and evenly, ensuring maximum flow. The ICU Medical Bag Access Spike Clave keeps users safe, while reducing the chances of contamination to maximize patient safety and ultimately improve clinical outcomes.

Benefits for IV Bag Access Spike Clave

  • Easy and fast access to IV bags for medical staff: The IV Bag Access Spike Clave is a quick and easy way to access IV bags in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, allowing medical staff to quickly access medication or fluids without worrying about contamination.
  • Improves efficiency: The Spike Clave helps to improve workflow by achieving faster access to IV bags and reducing stress on medical personnel.
  • Enhanced safety standards: The secure fastening of the IV Bag Access Spike Clave helps eliminate the possibility of accidental spillage and cross-contamination.
  • Adapts to different types of IV bags: The Spike Clave can be used with various types of IV bags for added accessibility.
  • Increased convenience: The IV Bag Access Spike Clave provides nurses and doctors with easy and convenient access to the IV bag, allowing for faster medical treatments.
  • Comprehensive durability: Constructed from top-grade materials, the Spike Clave is designed to last and provide consistent performance.

Instructions on How to Use the ICU Medical Bag Access Spike Clave
1. Gather the necessary supplies such as gloves, masks, and medical instruments.
2. Put on protective gear such as gloves and masks; use face shield and gown if necessary when working with patient specimens.
3. Select an ICU (intensive care unit) medical bag access spike.
4. Unfold the ICU medical bag and verify contents.
5. Place dry, folded suitcases in the ICU medical bag.
6. Close the top flap of the ICU medical bag.
7. Attach the spike to the bag using the straps or string that come with it.
8. Close the spike and lock the sides together.
9. once the bag has been accessed, unlock the spike and remove the medical bag.
10. Reattach the spike to the ICU medical bag if needed.
11. Dispose of or properly store any excess supplies in the same room.
12. Clean and disinfect the spike according to CDC guidelines for reusable equipment before each use and before handing off to a healthcare provider.

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