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Licefreee Non-Toxic Spray Head Lice Treatment Spray with Comb

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Licefreee Non-Toxic Spray Head Lice Treatment is an effective non-toxic lice treatment used to instantly kill head lice and their eggs. This unique head lice spray features a homeopathic formula, one-step process, and starts killing on contact. Become lice free in one easy step with our head lice treatment spray! Our uniquely formulated, homeopathic treatment uses sodium chloride (salt), instead of harsh chemicals and pesticides, to effectively kill super lice and nits. It's safe enough for kids, yet strong enough for adults.

  • Kills Lice on Contact: Licefreee Spray effectively kills lice, eggs and nits on contact, so you can be lice free, effortlessly; 100 Percent Satisfaction Guaranteed, and safe on kids six months and older
  • Kills Super Lice and Eggs: Instead of using harsh chemicals and pesticides, Licefreee contains the naturally occurring mineral, sodium chloride, to kill super lice, eggs and nits
  • Easy to Use: Hold the bottle 4-6 inches away from the head; Spray on dry hair and cover the entire scalp until all of the hair is thoroughly saturated; Allow product to air dry; That's it
  • Includes Lice Comb: After applying the spray, comb through hair with the included patented metal lice and nit comb to remove the dead lice, nits and eggs
  • More from Lifefreee: Licefreee is the original non-toxic lice brand, introduced in 1999; We have a full line of products to kill and remove lice from hair, body, furniture and bedding


Licefreee Spray Instant Head Lice Treatment Features:

  • Convenient, effective, fast acting
  • Easy to use head lice treatment
  • One step homeopathic solution
  • Environmentally safe, non-toxic, no-rinse formula
  • No pesticide residue
  • Safe for daily use
  • Nit comb included
  • Stainless steel made comb
  • 6 oz spray

Lice Freee Non-Toxic Lice Removal Spray is a convenient no-rinse spray formula that does not leave behind dangerous pesticide residues. This spray is capable of killing lice and nits without the use of a comb, but one is included for user preference.

Buy Licefreee Non-Toxic Spray Head Lice Treatment and get rid of head lice fast online here today!


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