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MADomizer 510 Atomizer Disposable Tips, 50/Case

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Teleflex MADomizer Atomizer Disposable Tip Applicator (MAD510) used with MADomizer Bottle Atomizer device (MAD500). This disposable applicator tip is placed in the nostrils or oropharyngeal cavity the dispense aerosol medication.

The Teleflex MAD510 MADomizer Atomizer Disposable Tips are an essential tool for delivering essential fluids and medications directly into the bloodstream, instead of using complex and unreliable mechanical methods. The device's patented atomizer does not require electricity or mechanical components and has thus far proven to be highly effective, consistent, and reliable. An intuitive interface allows pharmacy staff and clinicians to quickly and accurately set the flow rate of liquid, overcomes environmental influences, and eliminates tragedy due to uncontrollable programming errors. Thus, the Teleflex MAD510 MADomizer Atomizer Disposable Tips provides professional, safe, and accurate medication delivery for those who depend on their care harbor continues care providers.

Benefits of MADomizer Disposable Tips MAD510

  • Low Profile Design: MAD510 tips offer a streamlined fit, allowing for better maneuverability within confined spaces and improved access to difficult to reach anatomical positions.
  • Autoclavable: Mad510 tips are autoclavable, helping users save time and money on purchasing and replacing disposable tips.
  • Catheter Balanced Design: Mad510 offers a catheter balanced design that allows for even distribution of forces and improved positioning.
  • Comfortable: Madcon developers have worked tirelessly to incorporate comfort measures in the design that nullifies hand and wrist fatigue, resulting in less user fatigue.
  • Blending Lock: MAD510 offers a blending lock technology that produces consistent placing velocities for efficient grafting results.
  • Inconspicuous: MAD510 offers a nearly invisible design to prevents from suspicion and contamination, making liposuction a more discrete procedure altogether.
  • Aggressive Viscosity Reduction: Mad510 Disposable Tips feature an aggressive Viscosity Reduction Plunge Lifter which helps reduce the needed fat extraction per application down to 20% less than average techniques.

Instructions on How To Use Teleflex MAD510 MADomizer Disposable Tips:
1. Start by connecting the Teleflex MAD510 MADomizer Disposable Tips to the administration system.
2. Warning: Inspect each tip for damage before and after use to insure safe use. Unusable and/or defective tip must not be used.
3. Make sure that all disposable tips have the correct flow-rate for the meclizine that is being used.
4. Reference the expiration date to insure fresh products and fold unused pack tips toward the back for easier disposal.
5. Ensures patient’s medication is leveled and place the MADomizer over the spilled product. Make sure that the top of the domed head touches the medication surface evenly.
6. Push down to engage the syringe and the partially folded soft dome.
7. Pressure is applied evenly to dispense the medication within the alcohol swab.
8. Slowly rotate the syringe and dissolve the medication on the swab.
9. Fold the disposable tip toward the front allow the unabsorbed medication to be dispensed into the waste container.
10. Dispose of the tip pulley into the waste of flex sing container and remove the MADomizer from the administration system.

Manufacture: Teleflex
Manufacture product number: MAD510
Typical Particle Size: 30-100 microns
Spray Volume: 0.1 ml/Spray
Applicator length: 4.75 inches (12.19 cm) end of tip to end of thumb landing

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