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Medihoney Hydrocolloid Wound Gel

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Medihoney Hydrocolloid Wound Gel is a type of wound dressing made with a combination of hydrocolloid and Medihoney, a medical-grade honey. Hydrocolloid dressings are designed to absorb excess wound exudate while providing a moist wound environment to promote healing. Medihoney has been shown to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it beneficial for wound healing. This gel is commonly used on minor burns, cuts, and other surface wounds.

Medihoney Hydrocolloid Wound Gel works by creating a moist environment on the wound surface, allowing for optimal healing conditions. The gel contains medical-grade manuka honey, which has natural antibacterial properties, and a hydrocolloid dressing, which absorbs excess fluid and promotes gentle debridement of dead tissue. This combination helps to protect the wound from infection and promote the growth of healthy new tissue. Additionally, the hydrocolloid creates a barrier over the wound, keeping the area protected and moist while allowing for gas exchange to occur. All these factors work together to promote faster and more effective wound healing.


  • For use in lightly exuding wounds and hard-to-dress areas that would normally require a gel or paste.
  • Includes tunneled or undermined wounds, or into sinus tracts.


  • Ingredients are non-toxic, natural and safe.
  • Comes from a traceable source.
  • Is free of pesticides and antibiotics.
  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation destroying any bacterial spores, without loss of product effectiveness.

What is Leptospermum Honey?

The most studied type of honey for the management of wounds and burns
Derived from the pollen and nectar of specific Leptospermum species of plant in New Zealand and Australia
Unique in that it maintains its effectiveness even in the presence of wound fluid
The only species of honey that has been shown in randomized controlled studies to help wounds – that have stalled under first-line treatment – to progress towards healing.

Therapeutic effects of honey-based dressings

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties
  • Debridement properties
  • Odor control properties
  • Retains bactericidal activity in vitro even after dilution.

Medihoney is great for…

  • Skin grafts
  • Infected trauma wounds
  • Necrotizing fasciitis (Fournier’s gangrene)
  • Abscesses
  • Pilonidal sinuses
  • Ulcers - Pressure ulcers, leg and foot ulcers, rheumatoid ulcers, tropical ulcers
  • (Naga sores), and malignant ulcers
  • Lacerations to the leg
  • Traumatic wounds
  • Burns and scalds
  • Meningococcal septicemia skin lesions
  • Surgical wounds/infection
  • Herpetic lesions
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Animal bite wound

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