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Mepore Adhesive Surgical Island Dressing 3.6" x 6" 50/bx

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Mepore Adhesive Surgical Island Dressing is a breathable, absorbent, self-adhesive dressing for a wide variety of wounds with low to moderate exudate levels – such as surgical wounds, cuts, and abrasions. The dressing fixes gently and securely to the skin with a skin-friendly, water-based adhesive, and it’s air permeable.

Mepore Dressing is an adhesive surgical island dressing designed to cover traumatic wounds such as surgical incisions, donor sites, abrasions, Catheter sites, lacerations, burns and other trauma injuries. It also helps control light bleeding and exudates from traumatised wounds. The Mepore Dressing 3.6" x6" features an cushioned island design in combination with a soft, absorbent material inside an adhesive polymer coating providing high conformability and efficient compressibility over uneven wound surfaces. It delivers superior moisture vapour transmission rates due to its patented membrane to ensure wound recovery and effective healing in all settings. The Mepore Dressing is an essential in medical first aid, rapidly sealing off devices and preventing further trauma wounds. By using Mepore Dressing, medical staff can effectively close up and protect these traumatised wounds to assist rapid healing.

Benefits for Mepore Adhesive Surgical Island Dressing

  • Reduced scarring: Mepore Adhesive Surgical Island Dressing ensures excellent wound edge adhesion, thus avoiding meshing-out and abrading of the wound edges, and DIedded by aspirap pe less adhesive of abrasive in the wound.  
  • Fast wound healing: Mepore Adhesive Surgical Island Dressing is designed to help reduce the risk of colonization by keeping the wound site free from debris and exudate that can hinder closure and healing.
  • Painless care: Mepore Adhesive Surgical Island Dressing is easy to remove from wound and is less likely to cause skin irritation compared to other types of Dressings.
  • Cost-effective: Mepore Adhesive Surgical Island Dressing consist of single sterile pack with reduced waste in dressing series. The cut-to-shape feature also allows for flexibility in sizing, resulting in cost saving for dressing products.
  • Reduced risk of infection: A thin and highly permeable pad acts as a semi-occlusive layer and brings confidence of infections due to higher vapour permeability.
  • Water-based, solvent-free adhesive provides gentle fixation
  • Wound contact layer is low-adherent 
  • Easy-to-remove protection paper allows for convenient and aseptic application
  • Fabric is conformable and flexible to allow body movement

Instructions on How to Use Mepore Adhesive Surgical Island Dressing
1. Make sure your hands are sterilized or washed with warm soapy water before applying this product.
2. Place the Mepore Adhesive Surgical Island Dressing directly over the wound or area.
3. Ensure that the absorbent patch provided is centered over the wound or area.
4. Peel away the paper backing of the Mepore protective film from the dressing.
5. Push down the edges firmly onto the skin around the wound or area to ensure secure adhesion.
6. Ensure no part of the wound or area is left exposed.
7. Secure Mepore Adhesive Surgical Island Dressing by applying either a roller bandage or tear-resistant first aid tape over the edges of the dressing.
8. Replace Mepore dressing as recommended by a professional clinician in a daily or regularly interval.
9. Wash hands after dividing or discarding Mepore Adhesive Surgical Island Dressing.


  • Protects the wound from water and contamination    
  • Won’t cause irritation to the skin
  • Self-adhering to prevent the use of extra tape   

Ideal Uses:

  • Surgical wounds   
  • Minor cuts
  • Abrasions  

Instructions for use: Peel back outer film, place directly over the wound, and replace when needed.

Product # 671000
Manufacturer: Molnlycke

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