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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Molded Face Masks, Blue 50/Box

by Dynarex
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SKU 2203
Molded Face Masks are a piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) that is used to help protect the respiratory system from airborne particles. The Molded Face Masks provide a comfortable fit snug to the face that also safely covers the mouth and nose. Molded Face Masks can help to filter out particles such as smoke, dust, and other potentially harmful particles. Molded Face Masks have been proven to be an efficient and successful way for individuals to protect themselves and their environment from airborne particles in the air. Molded Face Masks come in a variety of styles, sizes, and fabrics, allowing the user to select the one that best fits their individual needs. Not only do Molded Face Masks provide protection, but they also provide a measure of comfort as the Molded Face Masks fit snug to the face. Many people choosing to wear Molded Face Masks for protection when in public spaces or engaging in activities that may increase the risk of airborne exposure of particles.
Dynarex 2203 Molded Face Masks are a cone-shaped, fluid resistant molded face mask. Made to protect the face and mouth against airborne pathogens. 50 disposable face masks per box.

  • Contours to face
  • Cone-shaped
  • Adjustable nose fasteners
  • 100% Fiberglass free
  • Fluid resistant
  • Flared soft edges

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