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Nose and Nasal Passages Sinus Model


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The Nose and Nasal Passages Sinus Model is a cutaway model showing you the interior of your nose and your nasal passages. It’s a compact model so you can pass it around, leave it on your desk, or transport it where need be.


  • - 5 different sections
  • - Removable base  
  • - 6.5”H x 5”W


  • - A cutaway shows a medium section through the nasal passages    
  • - The reverse side shows the ethmoid and maxillary sinus cavities
  • - Compact design takes up little space and can be easily stored

Ideal Uses:

  • - Hospitals
  • - Doctor’s office
  • - Classroom

Instructions for use:

Display this in your office or work area and study the different features.


   Manufacturer:   Wolters Kluwer



     Product #  G285



Understand how your sinuses work with the Basic Sinus Model. To order one today, dial 1-888-687-4334 and speak with a friendly customer service rep. 

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