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Oversized OB-GYN Swab Applicators, NS 8" Plastic Shaft, 50/Box


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Oversized OB-GYN Swab applicators sticks are a non-sterile oversized cotton applicator. Great for women's health clinics, and obgyn doctors. The sturdy eight inch long polypropylene plastic shaft makes it flexible to reach into crevices and its long enough to swab for examinations and testing.


  • Polypropylene shaft made with smooth, splinter-free plastic
  • Rayon Tipped 8” applicators, Plastic shaft, 50/ box
  • Each one is latex-free so prevent allergies    
  • Rayon tips are medical grade and wrapped on polypropylene shafts
  • Great for applying and stirring medicines  
  • Latex free

Ideal Uses:

  • Womens Health
  • OB GYN office's
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes  
  • Schools  

Manufacturer:  Mountainside Medical

Product #  77600

Get the reach you need with Pro Advantage OB/GYN Applicators. To order a box today, dial 1-888-687-4334 and speak with a friendly customer service rep.

Oversized OB-GYN Swab Applicators, NS 8" Plastic Shaft, 50/Box Tags

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