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Perineal Incontinence Skin Cleanser, Gallon Jug


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Pro Advantage Perineum Cleanser is a no-rinse perineum liquid soap with aloe vera and lanolin for cleaning incontenence away from the perineal area (between the legs) that is designed to soothe and refresh the skin as you clean. Made with lanolin and aloe, this cleanser is gentle on the skin and comes with a refillable spray bottle for easy, convenient use.

Pro Advantage Perineum Cleanser Features

  • Ideal for incontinence patients
  • Made with skin-soothing lanolin and aloe
  • No rinsing needed
  • Water lily papaya scent
  • Gentle on skin
  • Cleans, refreshes & eliminates odors
  • Gallon jug of Cleanser w/ empty spray bottle
  • Made in the USA

Caring for a patient that suffers from incontinence can be difficult. The skin can easily become irritated if not cared for properly. Supplies such as skin creams, underpads and pant liners can help immensely to care for the skin, save time cleaning linens and clothes, and even the patient’s emotional well-being during this time. Extra-gentle cleansers are also important. Because the skin is exposed to so much moisture, it can be sensitive and react easily. Keeping your patients skin protected is not only cost effective, but it means less infection and healthier, happier patients. This perineum cleanser is a no-rinse soap designed specifically for caring for moisture-sensitive skin. Help your patients stay clean and dry with this soothing, fresh-smelling liquid cleanser.


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