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Procare Surround Gel Ankle Brace

DJO 79-97863

$ 22.25 $ 24.95

The Procare Surround Gel Ankle Brace is a protective brace providing cold therapy and ankle stability, while helping prevent inversion/eversion. This brace universally fits either the right or left ankle, is available in three (3) sizes and heights, and has adjustable heel straps. This brace is excellent for protecting and supporting the foot, preventing further injury and using a potent combination of heat and cold therapy to help speed up the recovery time.



Procare Surround Gel Ankle Brace Features:

  • Rigid thermoplastic shell
  • Fits right and left ankle (universal)
  • Air gel bladder for cold therapy
  • Helps prevent inversion/eversion
  • Soft, comfortable fit
  • Adjustable heel strap


Sizes Available:

  • Small, 8.5" height (product # 79-97863)
  • Medium, 9" height (product # 79-97865)
  • Large, 10" height (product # 79-97867)


Manufacturer: DJO Global

Product number: 79-97863


Use this brace to support, protect, and provide hot/cold therapy to the ankle during the acute to active phases of rehabilitation and recovery. Buy your Procare Surround Gel Ankle Brace today.

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