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Roche Chemstrip 5 OB Urine Test Strips 100/Vial


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The Roche Chemstrip 5 OB Urine Test Strips provide 5 areas of testing and offer results in just one minute. Roche test strips use underlying absorbent pads with a mesh laminate instead of an adhesive; this prevents chemical runoff onto adjacent strips. 


  • Tests for Glucose, Leukocytes, Nitrite, Protein, and Blood
  • Results in one minute
  • Mesh laminate overlay
  • Easy-to-read strip 
  • 100 per bottle


  • Easy to read distinct colors
  • Color coated bottle for clear test results
  • Practically eliminates vitamin C interference
  • Promotes safe and hygienic test practices
  • Mesh layer absorbs urine better

Ideal Uses:

  • Keeping a healthy life style
  • Catch early stages of an illness or disease
  • To avoid false negative results


Instructions for use:

Urinate into a sterile cup, put the test strip in for 1 second, then let the strip sit for one minute and compare the colors to the bottle.


               Manufacturer:  Roche



            Product # Roche11893467160



Keep up with what’s exiting your body with Roche Chemstrip 5 OB Urine Test Strips. To purchase a bottle of your own, dial 1-888-687-4334 and speak with our knowledgeable sales staff. 

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