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Saljet Sterile Solution 30ml, 12/Box

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SKU 18815-1000-00

Winchester Laboratories Saljet Sterile Saline Topical Solution is a single-dose, topical sodium chloride solution used to irrigate open wounds with a unique pointed eye drop tip. Packaged 12 units per box in sterile plastic vials of sodium chloride 30ml (0.9% w/v).12 units per box.

Brand: Winchester Laboratories.

NDC: 18815-1000-00 

Origin: Germany.

Indications: for use in moistening and lubricating absorbent wound dressings for traumatic wounds, cuts, bruises and minor burns prior to removal from the wound area.

Directions for use: Use undiluted. Twist off the top and apply topically to the affected area with a firm pressure on the Saljet vial providing a steady stream of the solution. To obtain drop by dispensing, invert the vial and squeeze gently.

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