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Simulaids IV Training Arm Units


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Simulaids IV Arm and Hand are life-like training aids for students. Made with supple, resilient plastic material that has an actual human hand feel, these training aids feature life-like vein roll-over, palpable veins for location, the characteristic "pop" felt when entering veins, and include artificial blood and carrying tray. Arm and Hand sold separately

This med school training aid is life-like in more than just look and feel. Not only can you actually palpate the veins for location, but you can also feel the discernable "pop" that is felt when the needle enters a vein. Simulaids IV arms and hands are durable, long-lasting and are made for repeated use. Use a medical training tool that will better prepare you for real-life situations with Simulaids.


Life-like training aids for venipuncture, sterile technique, sharps injury protection, taping and securing techniques, as well as infusion or withdrawal procedures


IV Training Arm Features:

  • Supple, resilient plastic material
  • Human feel
  • Life-like vein roll-over
  • Durable
  • Long lasting
  • Palpation of vein for location
  • Characteristic "pop" felt when entering veins
  • Arm and Hand sold separately



  • Artificial blood
  • Carrying tray

***Note: Arm only (Hand sold separately)


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