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Sorbitol Solution 70% 16 oz Bottle


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Sorbitol Solution 70% w/w is a hyperosmotic liquid used to help relieve constipation. Alcohol free, sugar free, gluten free, dye free and kosher. 16 FL oz (473 mL)

Purpose: Commonly used to treat constipation, Sorbitol Solution is gentile on your system. This laxative works by retaining fluid in the colon, and helping to increase muscle movement in the intestines to produce a bowel movement. This laxative is not only dye, sugar and alcohol free, but it is also gluten free for those with celiac disease and kosher for those who prefer kosher products. Use a laxative that is as easy on your system as it is effective in relieving constipation with Sorbitol Solution.

Sorbitol (SOR bi tole)

Pharmacologic Category: Genitourinary Irrigant; Laxative, Osmotic

Use: Genitourinary irrigant in transurethral prostatic resection or other transurethral resection or other transurethral surgical procedures; diuretic; humectant; sweetening agent; hyperosmotic laxative; facilitate the passage of sodium polystyrene sulfonate through the intestinal tract.

Pregnancy Risk Factor: C

Dosage: Hyperosmotic laxative (as single dose, at infrequent intervals):

Children 2-11 years: Oral: 2 mL/kg (as 70% solution)

Children >12 and Adults: Oral: 30-150 mL (as 70% solution)

Adjunct to sodium polystyrene sulfonate: Adults: 15 mL as 70% soultion orally until diarrhea occurs (10-20 mL/2 hours) or 20-100 mL as an oral vehicle for the sodium polystyrene sulfonate resin.

Dosage forms: Solution Oral: 70% (30 mL, 473 mL, 480 mL, 3840 mL).

NDC: 0603-0900-58

UPC: 306030900588

Made in the USA for Qualitest Pharmaceuticals: Huntsville, AL 35811

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